I am an artist based in Scotland.  I am mainly self taught but have attended some evening classes over the years under the excellent tuition of Stirling based artist Greer Ralston.  I have exhibited in a number of Scottish locations including The Jerdan Gallery in Crail and the Pittenweem Arts Festival.  I have also undertaken various portrait commissions including one of the popular Scottish musician Bill Black.

In spring 2009, I set myself the challenge of trying to attain the skills and experience I feel I’ve missed out on by not having a formal art education.  I’m looking to explore new avenues in my artwork, loosen up and experiment more – to be a student of art outside of the formal education system.

 As part of my ‘Art School’ challenge, I have started experimenting with watercolour, colour pencil, mixed media ,collage and fine art printmaking.  This blog has been created to diary my progress and development, although do excuse me if I get sidetracked from time to time and make the odd non art post!

To contact me please leave a comment here or email me at juliebroom@btinternet.com

Thank you for looking.  If you would like to see more of my work please visit my website  http://www.juliebroom.com/.



  1. Thank you Julie
    You once again made my day, there is a video of my space on north fife blog Loved the comments you made. Obvioulsly Gavin and yourself got home in one piece, will drop you a line when the website is up and running.

  2. Every Day Poets is trying to contact you. Please check your emails


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