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Has anyone lost their marbles?

October 28, 2010

I think it’s time to call this one done, the cheap black craft card just can’t take any more working onto it!  I rather like the mood of the piece and may develop it into further works using a more stable surface.


Experiments in ink

October 27, 2010

This week I’ve have been looking at techniques in ink as part of the water media module I’m studying with my art group.  The following images were created primarily using pen and wash.  The first also incorporates oil pastel resist.


Watercolour Techniques

October 24, 2010

We’re currently exploring techniques with water based media at my Thursday night art group.  The last few weeks we have been using watercolour which takes me quite out of my comfort zone!  However, I’ve really quite enjoyed experimenting so thought I’d share some images here:


Marble Jar

October 24, 2010

An A4 still life drawing in progress.  This one is pencil on black card.  I quite like the feel of this so far and am wishing I had used a better quality paper.  The black card is craft quality so is likely to fade if exposed to strong light for any substantial amount of time.  Time for some art paper shopping.


Paul Binnie Exhibition

October 23, 2010

I’m off to check out Paul Binnie’s exhibition at McFarlane’s Gallery in Alloa today.  Should be really interesting.  Here are the details from the publicity mailing:

The Paul Binnie Exhibition opens this Saturday and runs for 1 week only until 30 October in The Gallery, Gordon R McFarlane F.B.H.I. Watchmaker, Jeweller & Art Gallery, 41 Mill Street, ALLOA, Clackmannanshire, FK10 1DW
Don’t miss your chance to see Pauls first Scottish exhibition for over 20 years right here in Alloa… Pauls work is regularly exhibited in London, America & Japan (where he studied for 7 years) so this exhibition is a rare opportunity to see his work without having to travel to London, or further!
The exhibition is part of the 2010 International Storytelling Festival which has numerous events running throughout the week including in three local venues: The Gallery, Alloa Library and Dollar Museum.
 For more information: 

Where have all the flowers gone – progress

October 3, 2010

Almost done.  It just needs a few tweaks to sharpen up the contrast of her profile and tidy the top edge of her hand.  I do enjoy working on brown paper, it works so well as a flesh midtone.  I think the soft tan tone of the paper gives a lovely softness and mood to portraits too.