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June 18, 2010

Day three of my forth valley studios tour didn’t disappoint, although I spent so much time chatting I didn’t get to half the venues I’d planned.  Here’s a little rundown of some of my favourites from today. 

Greer Ralston at Venue 23 

I’ve attended many classes with Greer over the years, it was so nice to go out to her studio to see where the magic happens.  Greer had a fantastic selection of her outstanding figurative and equestrian work on display for visitors.  I really recommend a visit but for those who can’t get out to Greer’s Stirling based studio, you can view a selection of her work on her website

Wendy Donaldson at Venue 29 

A stunning oil painting by Wendy Donaldson

 The figurative work of Wendy Donaldson can only be described as exquisite.  She captures children with such a rare softness and sensitivity.  The work shown above is actually larger than life size – it’s a truly impressive painting.

Advent (oil on canvas) Wendy Donaldson

 Wendy also paints colourful and atmospheric landscapes and is particularly fond of snow scenes.  We were lucky enough to see one of these in progress on Fiona’s easel during our visit.    

Fiona Byre-Sutton at Venue 57 

The works on display at Alloa Clay Station exceeded all expectations I had.  Fiona Byre-Sutton and the Scottish Potters Association are exhibiting a great variety of work that will cater for every taste: traditional, elegant, modern, abstract, mythical, charming and quirky all in one venue.  A full listing of the exhibitors and exhibits can be found here.  It was interesting to see the wide variety of techniques deployed – it really brought home to me what a versatile medium clay is.  I’m now very tempted by the ceramic classes that Fiona will be running later in the year. 

Jill Conlan at venue 58 

Jill runs the Newfangled Glass Company and has just moved  into new premises at the Makers Village, Alloa.  Although Jill’s new workspace isn’t fully up and running yet, she gave us a really interesting overview of some of the techniques involved in creating fused, appliqued and stained glass.  Jill hopes to have an open studio day later in the year once she has settled into her new studio. In the meantime, you can check out some of Jill’s works at the Newfangled Glass website.



  1. Fantastic stuff. I particularly like the Wendy Donaldson work. Glad you are enjoying the tour and am sure everyone else is too.

    • Thanks Lexia. The first Open Studios for my area appears to have been very successful. There is already chatter about next year …

  2. Brilliant paintings,, i love the Wendy Donaldson work too, very well done!…

    Im loving this blog! i just subscribed too!


    • Thanks Mike, really appreciate the feedback. I see you have a blog too, will have to check it out 🙂

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