More From Forth Valley Open Studios

June 17, 2010

My second day of touring studios has been simply amazing.  The imagination, innovation and skill of the artists I’ve met today has been truly inspiring.  Here’s a rundown of my highlights from today.

Margaret Fraser at Venue 40 

Sculpture by Margaret Fraser

Margaret is based in the Mill House Studio where she works alongside three other contemporary artists.  What was striking in the Mill House Studio was both the originality and variety of works on display: textiles, paintings, sculptures, mixed media and more.  The work of all four artists goes beyond representation to explore exciting possibilities in texture, colour, design and concept.

I was particularly drawn to some beautiful black and white mixed media pieces of Margaret’s.  I think it’s only a matter of time before we have a little Margaret Fraser collection in the Broom household.

Delta Studios at Venue 41

A little peak at the Delta Studios exhibition

If you are struggling to find time to get around all the venues then Delta Studios is a great place to get a taster of the work of participating artists.  In addition to the artist studios published in the brochure, Delta Studios is host to an exhibition of work from artists based in all the other venues.

Linda Owens at Venue 51

A lively study of boats in pen & watercolour by Linda Owens

Linda Owens has a fascinating selection of work on display which allowed the viewer to gain some insight into how she has evolved and progressed as an artist over time.  The exhibits included some earlier representational watercolours through to the pioneering mixed media pieces that Linda is currently developing.  I loved that Linda had thought to put sketches, collograph plates and cut lino on display to give visitors some idea of what is involved in each process.

Linda’s work is refreshing and exciting in how she pushes the possibilities of non traditional and unusual media to achieve some wonderful effects.

Val and Rachel Kenyon at Venue 67

Val is one of the most versatile artists I’ve met.  The level of accomplishment Val has attained in watercolour, pastel and oil is unusual, with many artists preferring to specialise in a particular medium.  To add to this versatility, Val can switch between landscape, figure, flora and fauna with ease producing an impressive variety of realistic, representational works.  If you aren’t able to make it along to Val’s studio, there is a good selection of work on her website you can view at your leisure.

Rachael Kenyon designs and makes easy to wear contemporary jewellery that is both modern and elegant.  I was unable to resist temptation and left with two gorgeous beaded pendants.

Jewellery by Rachael Kenyon



  1. Thanks for the tour! Very inspiring!

    • glad you enjoyed it, Suzanne. Thanks for dropping by.

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