Open Studios Day Two

June 13, 2010

This afternoon I did a mini tour of some of the open studios venues in Bridge of Allan and Dunblane.  I just have to share some of my personal favourites from today:

Alec Galloway at Venue 7

Alec’s art has an incredible and powerful presence.  It’s dynamic, bold and moving and certainly not to be missed.  Alec is also well known for his works in glass, one of which is on display at Venue 7.  This is the first time I have come across Alec’s paintings and I’ll certanly be actively looking out for his exhibitions in future.

Fiona Campbell at Venue 8

Fiona’s venue showed off textile art at its very best.  I fell in love with every single exquisite piece of work she was exhibiting!  The intricate stiching and beautiful fabrics combined with Fiona’s exceptional talent in design and illustration made for a truly impressive collection.  Fiona also had several of her sketchbooks on hand which were a real treat to thumb through.  I left feeling inspired and am still pondering whether or not to buy a sewing machine …

Gio Martin at Venue 14

Gio’s venue was host to her delightful clay figures which just oozed with humour and charm.  These beautifully textured pieces have a lovely matt finish and subtle contemporary colours.

Gio also makes contemporary jewellery that’s bold and stylish yet really practical for everyday wear.  I left with two gorgeous necklaces in my favourite colour.

The Fotheringham Gallery (venue 12) is well worth a visit too.  I thought the works by Alastair Laing, Sandra Moffat and Gwen Black were particularly interesting.


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