On the Easel

February 20, 2010

My poor little blog has gotten neglected of late.  I’m still working away on my drawing and painting but just a little slower at the moment – hence no completed pieces for a wee while.  Here are a couple of works in progress.

work in progress coloured pencil on brown paper 2010

work in progress mixed media on watercolour paper 2010



  1. Julie, both of those pictures are superb. I know from bitter experience that drawing or painting portraits of young children is notoriously difficult. You’ve captured so much expression in the eyes too. Really well done 🙂

    • Thanks Darren, that’s really kind. It’s great to get such positive feedback from another artist. I just need to get a move on and finish them now!

  2. Aww Julie, Freya is looking amazing already. Oddly though, both Ian and I commented on first was the hair clips and how cleverly you have drawn them 🙂 Looking forward to following the progress… Nicki 🙂

    • Thank you Nicki, the little kitty clips are just adorable and Freya is such a little darling – it’s a complete joy to work from her picture.

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