Happy New Year

January 3, 2010

2010 A year to Experiment, Discover and Enjoy

In 2009, I set myself the challenge of attaining the skills and experience I feel I have missed out on by not having a formal art education. During 2010, my overall objective is to continue this exciting journey incorporating the specific goals below:

1. Take Stock

This resolution was inspired by a recent post on another artists blog: Journaling Superstitions # 13 by Roz Stendahl. In my enthusiasm to try out new media and techniques, I amassed a vast array of art materials and books during 2009. I need to conduct a full stock take and make plans to incorporate these items in my art practice. Less buying, more utilising!

2. Finish what I started

In 2009 I started a fine art print-making course by distance learning and acquired a basic knowledge of monoprinting, collography and linocuts. My goal is to complete this course during 2010, obtaining a general understanding of the other techniques in the course – woodcuts, drypoint, screenprinting and advanced relief printing.

3. Portrait Challenge

For some time I have been planning to attempt a self portrait. I think this has to be the ultimate challenge in portraiture and a great opportunity for self-discovery. Definitely something I want to tackle in the coming year!

4. A painting for each month

 This year I produced a calendar for the first time using a selection of my existing body of work. These proved to be very popular, so a challenge for this year is to produce 12 new works worthy of putting into print.

5. Plein Air

 Weather permitting, I’d love to spend more time sketching outdoors in the coming year. Roll on spring!



  1. Hi! Great set of goals you have there. Can’t wait to see what you produce!
    Warm regards, JaniceMarie

    • Thanks! Enjoyed your post too and will be following your progress.

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