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Making a Mark Awards

December 30, 2009

I was delighted to see that Sally Tharp, who I nominated, won the Best Still Life on an Art blog category.  You can see Sally’s own post regarding the award here.  For those who missed my original post, here is a little reminder of why Sally was such a worthy winner:

Sometimes I feel like you look right through me by Sally Tharp (oil) 2009

I highly recommend taking the time to look at the full Making a Mark results.  There are some fantastic works and blogs featured.  You can view the full awards from the links below:

Making a Mark 2009 Awards Part 1

Making a Mark 2009 Awards Part 2



December 29, 2009

Imagine how surprised I was to spy this fantastic sketch whilst scrolling through my Facebook updates!  I’d recently been encouraging my talented friend Fiona Forrest to get back into her art and am so glad I did.  I was completely taken aback by the likeness, I think she’s really caught my essence.  I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Fiona’s art in 2010.

Julie Broom by Fiona Forrest (graphite) 2009


My Making a Mark Nominations

December 21, 2009

 The nomination process is underway for the Making A Mark Awards 2009 for blogging about art.  I can’t wait to see who the winners are!  In the meantime, I thought sharing my nominations would be a great way to summarise some of the blogs and artwork I have enjoyed most this year. 

The FAQ and answers really useful medal:

Vivien Blackburn Paintings, Prints and Stuff

This blog has been a real treasure trove of information, ideas and inspiration for me during 2009. Vivien’s posts often preempt my questions with clear explanations of her creative processes and techniques. The student demos she shares and challenges she sets are also extremely helpful learning aids.

The really made me think gong:

Lynne Chapman An Illustrator’s Life for Me!

During this year Lynne took us on a fantastic journey as she created the artwork for ‘The bears on the stairs’. Her posts gave a wonderful insight into the trial and triumphs of an illustrator’s working life and certainly gave me plenty to think about.

Best art on a blog (place):

Sarah Wimperis Helford Regatta

Helford Regatta by Sarah Wimperis (watercolour) 2009

I don’t recall ever seeing the drama and excitement of fireworks depicted so beautifully. The painting just bursts with energy; the expert use of contrast and colour makes this work truly dazzling.

Best art on a blog (portrait):

Maria Pace-Wynters Joy

Joy by Maria Pace-Wynters (mixed media) 2009

For me this image just sings with colour, life and happiness. In my opinion this work showcases the vibrance and liveliness of Maria’s exquisite mixed media technique.

Best art on a blog (stilllife):

Sally Tharp Sometimes I feel like you look right through me

Sometimes I feel like you look right through me by Sally Tharp (oil) 2009

For me this piece is much more than a representation of a group of objects, it conveys such a strong sense of place and mood. The composition works beautifully – the eye drifts effortlessly across the canvas before a sense of curiosity develops and the viewer tries to see through the objects. The objects themselves are brilliantly rendered.


Tree Project Roundup

December 13, 2009

I’ve now posted a selection of my tree drawings and painting on my website projects page.  See the collection all together here:


Tree Project

December 5, 2009

I mentioned the tree study module I was undertaking in a recent post.  I have just completed the course and thought I would share the final painting.  Oh, and I passed the module too!

acrylic and Neocolour II 2009

 You can find more of the work I submitted for the course on my website.



December 5, 2009

The forth issue of Trialling the Content, a bi monthly magazine published by Alloa Writers, is out now.  The latest Trialling the Content is available in Alloa at the Art Gallery in Gordon McFarlane’s the Jewellers in Mill Street, and The Card Shop in Shilling Hill; across Clackmannanshire through the libraries; and in Stirling through the Toast Café.  Here is my cover artwork for this issue:

Trialling the content issue 4


Post it

December 5, 2009

Just wanted to share this inspired animation by Jeff Chiba Stearns.