I’ve gone digital

July 15, 2009

Ok, I’m being very brave by posting this!  It’s my first attempt at creating art using Photoshop.  I found it incredibly difficult to control the brush and now think I’ve got the start of RSI – I used the built in mouse on my laptop, not something I’d recommend.   Just to top things, I somehow managed to create an image that was very small, I must have been zoomed in and not realised.

The image is inspired by a short story called Memorising Pi to 120 Decimal Places. It’s a rather wonderful story written by my other half .  On the surface the story is about a young boy challenged to memorise Pi in order to win a supposed date with a girl at school.  In reality it’s about how he is bullied at school and the disintegration of his family life.

I plan to do a series of illustrations for the story (I don’t think they’ll be digital – lol) and this was just a play around to help me picture how the main character might look.

Three point one four (digital art) July 2009

Three point one four (digital art) July 2009


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