Tree Challenge

June 22, 2009

I’m attempting to take part in an artist’s challenge involving painting and drawing trees from life.  The challenge details can be found here:


The word challenge may well be an understatement here.  Never in my adult life have I attempted to depict a tree and I’ll tell you right now, they are complex little characters.  My first attempt will by now be making its way to some  distant recycling plant.  However, I don’t give up easily and will try again soon (Scottish weather permitting).

This is also the first time in my adult life that I have gone plein air with my art.  After getting past my initial reservations regarding what the locals might make of a 36 year old women in a playground with coloured pencils and paper, I really rather enjoyed the experience.  Very liberating!

I’ve mentioned liberating and trees in the same post, does that officially make me a hippy?  Could get some interesting hits from this post.



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