May 6, 2009

A few years back when Pokemon was in it’s hey day, I was christened Snorlax.  Once evolved, my alter ego could channel the vibrations produced from snoring to induce earthquakes, tidal waves and the odd avalanche.

The years passed, and my powers continued to grow.  I found that more and more often I was evolving during the night.  Whilst previously the transformation could only occur while I was positioned on my back, I was now evolving when lying on my side.

There was only one thing to be done.  Bring on Apnoea Girl.  This lady can counteract the abilities of Snorlax using a special home sleep monitoring device.  Well you try sleeping in this lot!

Apnea Girl

Apnoea Girl (coloured pencil) 2009



  1. Are you really that thin?

    • cheeky! ok maybe there’s a little artistic license at work.

  2. Maybe?

    • yes maybe, as in maybe you are podgier than me.

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